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Evernote makes up device to force into paid acct



I only use Evernote on my iPhone and occasionally (once a month or less) so the basic plan has been fine. A few months ago Evernote starting giving the message that I’ve exceeded the allowed number of device so I need to either u sync a device or upgrade to the paid plan. It was showing the iPhone that I was on at the time, and supposedly another iPhone that was used the previous day. There is no other iPhone. I only own one iPhone and that’s the only device I use Evernote on besides my laptop. For the past few mo the id only get that message 2 times a month, so I would just unsync the made up iPhone. It was a slight annoyance but I could live with it. This month, Evernote stepped up their efforts to force me into a paid acct by giving me the message 3 times, so now I’m logged out of the account on my phone and unable to access any of my notes on the go. Extremely frustrated. Please help. And of course there’s no one you can talk to. I emailed them 3 days ago but have not gotten a response yet and I don’t anticipate one. If I was ever considering a paid plan, I won’t anymore out of sheer principle. This is dishonest business practice. Offer a trial free account not a free account option if you want everyone paying 

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The web client is counted as a device since October 2020. EN then commented that with the release of v10, the web client is nearly on feature parity with the desktop clients, and will not be excluded from the device count any longer. Sure this was a restriction to the Basic / Free plan that did not exist before. Not fair ? The Free plan is restricted, and EN has the right to modify the plans rules without consulting with the plans users. Remember, you are only a customer if there is an exchange of money and product / service. Since Free users do not pay, EN is not bound to subscription cycles as with paying users.

Anyhow, if you just noticed it now, you did not use it for 18 months. 

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