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Yuvaraj S

Screenshots not working - Blank white screenshot coming

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1) Screenshots not working properly most of the times. It works sometimes only. Blank image only displays.
2) Sometimes after screenshot - A page or some part of page is becoming blank.

OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Chrome browser latest with Evernote Extension:
Checked in Incognito with Evernote extension only turned on.

After adding to Incognito it worked only once on Google Search result page. After that only getting blank screenshots.

Screenshot from 2020-06-22 14-31-09.png

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. I'm asking this out of a whole lot of ignorance, since I don't use Linux or Chrome, but: I assume that Incognito is a privacy mode. It may be that, when the Evernote Web clipper extension tries to access a Web page in Incognito mode, Chrome refuses access for security reasons, because of the Incognito mode. Apologies if this is a failure to understand on my part!

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