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Limit on 'My Templates'

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I love the 'Save as Template' option for notes that I have to repeatedly create.  While I've found it to be a bit frustrating that you cannot edit a template once it's created, I've recently discovered another issue.  Apparently there is a limit of 20 templates that we can create?  

What is the reason for the limit here?  I'm sure there are others who regularly use more than 20 templates. 

I understand that I can have an entire notebook for templates (I already have that for ones that I don't use on a weekly basis).  


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Hi.  The template limit applies to those notes you have saved with the 'save as a template' option.  If you delete one of those notes, another can be saved in its place. If you use an existing note and copy it - there is no limit;  if you export a template note to to ENEX and use that file to generate a new 'identical' note - there is no limit.  It might be useful,  if you are finding the 20-note limit to be an issue,  if you could explain what you're trying to achieve and what is stopping you getting there....

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