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Spelling correction menu popup improvement



When a word is misspelled, it receives the wavy red underline. Fine. To correct the word, you right click and up pops a menu. This menu contains 18 items that have nothing to do with spell checking. The suggested words for correcting the mistake are at the top of the menu, which is often far away from my mouse pointer, forcing me to move the mouse a long way up the screen. Very inconvenient. I have taken to manually correcting the word rather than using the suggestions. 

Why not remove all the other options from the menu (insert table, zoom, style and so on)? They are redundant here. If I right click anywhere else (not on a word identified as needing correction) then by all means bring up all these items, but not when I want to correct a misspelled word. With just the suggestions on the menu, I can move the mouse pointer a very short distance, choose the correct spelling and move on. 

It might seem like a small thing, but getting these details right improves usability and I don't think this would be hard to implement. So to reiterate my suggestion:

Right clicking on a misspelled word brings up a reduced menu; clicking anywhere else brings up the current menu.

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