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Access history consistency security check




Yesterday late I received an email to inform me about a potential suspicious connection to my account. This morning I accessrd to my account, change my password, and had a look to the available connection history. And there I see an incredible number of connection from everywhere on earth to my account, and I have never been informed of any of them!

Why didn't I received any information about that? How is it possible that there is no security surveillance at Evernote able to find out there is a security breach on an account when, and particularly these days, there are connections in the last 30 days to an account from France, ok, but also Korea, United States, Ireland, Russia, Tanzania and Iran!

So I strongly suggest to set-up an access history consistency security check, should be not too complex to identify at least the big security issues like this one and act to secure back the account. 




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I did not see nearly as much foreign activity on my account, but considering how rarely I use my account now, why would there not be an automatic firewall on any activity emanating from foreign locations?

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