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Cambio telefono

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Buongiorno a tutti,

ho cambiato telefono e non riesco ad utilizzare evernote su quello nuovo. Cosa devo fare? 

Devo disconnettere l'account prima dal telefono vecchio e poi riattivarlo sul telefono uovo?

Non perdo le note in questo modo?

Grazie, saluti


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13 hours ago, Simona78 said:

i changed phone and i can't use evernote on the new one. What should I do? Do I have to disconnect the account from the old phone first and then reactivate it on the egg phone? Do I not lose notes in this way?

-- translated by Google --

Evernote is a cloud service with the master version of our data stored on the cloud servers
Adding a new device is simply logging in with the correct userid and password

>>i can't use evernote on the new one

What error are you getting?

If it's the two device limit, Yes, revoke access to the old phone (account settings)
You won't lose notes assuming the device has been sync'd

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Ciao Simona,


assicurati che sul vecchio telefono le note siano sincronizzate con la nuvola, in questo modo hai una copia sui server di Evernote, abilitando un nuovo telefono ritrovi tutto.

Se utilizzi l'opzione free ci sono limiti su quanti telefoni puoi collegare, quindi devi scollegare il vecchio prima di collegare il nuovo (dopo aver sincronizzato però!!!).

Se hai errori fai sapere qui sul forum che ti aiutiamo.




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On 6/18/2020 at 4:28 PM, M0sc4rd0 said:

Hi Simona,

make sure that on the old phone the notes are synchronized with the cloud, in this way you have a copy on the Evernote servers, enabling a new phone you find everything.

If you use the free option there are limits on how many phones you can connect, so you must disconnect the old one before connecting the new one (after synchronizing though !!!).

If you have any errors, let us know here on the forum that we will help you.

Exactly that.  Thanks!

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