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Attachments/Images not showing Shared Note

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Hi, just want to know if this is due to my free account ...

Everytime I share a doc with images or attachments such as PDFs as a public link, a placeholder shows but image is not shown nor is the PDF downloadable.

Any idea on this?

Otherwise Evernote is great! Finally something I can keep on top of.

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Yeah, I tried to check via the shared page link, 

Where the image is at, it shows

<img class="en-media en-media-image" data-hash="1efd1ddcd8fffcd4488eed1ec5d87857" data-type="image/png" data-url="undefined" data-yjs-hook="en-resource" data-reference="resource-0" data-timestamp="1593160113047">

seems like there's no source there.

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The doc is based on words (typed) and an app screen shot pasted in. 

It's the app screen shot which doesn't show up when I share the doc.

I use a mac book pro.

Obviously when I print to PDF, all is good. 

Its only at the web browser level. Just noticed that even on the evernote browser, (Not a shared doc), I don't see any pictures.

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OK, after researching and looking at the sync logs. I figured that this issue is due to a single (yes single) image pasted previously from Telegram. I think somewhere down the line, my Telegram messages were purged for privacy or something (might be my settings) and thus the image was non-existent. It then stopped the sync from working....

All good now and upgrade to Premium. Happy with Evernote!!!

@gazumped Thanks for the help all this time!

PS Maybe Evernote can actually copy that file over somehow so that even if it was deleted, it still has a copy. Not sure of the tech details though.....

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6 hours ago, sumatracow said:

PS Maybe Evernote can actually copy that file over somehow so that even if it was deleted, it still has a copy.

You're welcome for the help - as to copying the file over,  some websites actively block other URLs copying their images in various ways.  Screenshots generally work though...

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