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sync creates a new note

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Hi everyone!

created my account yesterday, and I started adding a couple of notes from the website (chrome on windows 10), once I log in to my device (IOS 13.5.1) i find both notes but trying to modify one it doesn't sync on the website. Actually, it makes a kind of sync because i see the changes made but on a different note!


at the top there's a message saying:
We found more than one version of  "to do" You can view the alternate here.
But above all, i don't have the toolbar nor the menu bar at the top!

what should i do? how can sync and make the toolbar appear? (i also tried a different browser and it's the same)


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Hi, and welcome to the forums. This is a known, and very aggravating, issue with the new Web client, which is still in beta. The Web client has its own forum; please see the long ongoing thread about this in that forum:


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