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Can you add custom proxy setting in the evernote settings?And some encrypt problem.



Sometimes evernote have some bad connection in some country.And I want evernote go through a socks5 proxy.But I don't want setting system proxy.Becuase I don't want other programs go through proxy.I only want evernote go through socks5 proxy.Can you add a custom socks5 proxy setting in the evernote settings?I don't want to use system proxy settings. Thanks!!!

And another problem.I hread this problem problem from some other users.

If the user choose some text in the evernote and encrypt,then he press backspace by mistake,then he will lost all his encrypt text by mistake.Free users don't have history(I am not sure),So free user might lost all his encrypt text by push backspace by mistake.

Can you make a setting or feature about this:encrypt text can't be easily deleted by a simple backspace?Or maybe one backspace key will deleted a lot of encrypt text.

And I have another good idea:Can you make a function to encrypt a note but not a part of text in a note?(Then make it can't search without decrypt)

Sometimes I want to creat a note to save a lot of my passwords.But evernote can only encrypt a part of text.This is note easy to use.

I wish I can creat a encrypt note to save passwords ,When I want to edit I must enter the password before I edit the note.(the full note but not a part of text in a note)

Sorry my english might be not well.

If the developers thinks my ideas are great,please send me a email to tell me.


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I agree with MillisJonny, just change your proxy to another one. No need to suffer with a proxy that just doesn't work for you. Don't forget, that free proxy servers work very poorly, mainly because free proxies are used by too many people at a time. If you want a good connection without lags and freezes, then you need to pay for a high-quality proxy service. I can advise you a service called proxyverse.io, which is very easy to set up and protects very effectively! If you are too lazy to configure a proxy, you can always try using a VPN.

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1) Use a VPN service

2) Note history runs permanently on all accounts, Free or subscription. But to access it you need at least a Premium subscription, or above. To access it a desktop or web client is needed.

So a Free user fearing a loss of valuable information can subscribe for a month, and recover an older version of the note.

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