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Transfer all my Evernotes to Word?

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Hi, guys, new in the forum but old time Evernote member. Awesome app for MacBook that I write with.

Now, after so many years of writing things I really want a back up... Nowadays with all this craziness going on I feel I should have all my text backed up in word or a .txt file.

Any ideas? Cause I have hundreds notes in separated albums. It will take for ever one by one. 

Thanks guys, stay safe and God bless!

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32 minutes ago, David17 said:

I really want a back up

Backups are a good idea
Evernote supports two export options; enex and html

Personally I use the html option
This is close to the Evernote native format; the notes are read-able by any web browser app and can be imported into Word

>> I feel I should have all my text backed up in word or a .txt file.
My data consists of plain notes and attachments (pdf, images, word processing files, ...)
.txt file is not a good option

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