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Web clipper has been broken for at least a day (Windows 7, Firefox 77 - I deactivated and reactivated the extension, closed and re-opened Firefox. Can access my EN account on Web and desktop app works fine. I am a very long time EN user and, it is broken)

What I want until it gets fixed is a workaround which is probably simple but I guess I have never had to do:

How can I insert a Web page into a note, i.e. reproduce the Clipper functionality?

Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this.

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Hi.  You could use a different browser and Clipoper.  Or a screenshot.  Or to email the page (if it supports this and you're a premium subscriber) to your Evernote email address.  Or to use one of the many online website copy services that will render the page as a PDF (basically another screenshot).  Or copy and paste....

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Thanks, web clipper just came back this morning, so who knows, maybe a firefox glitch or maybe one of the pages caused a problem. I will get a clipper installed into another browser as that seems to be the best workaround - will probably use Internet Explorer so as not to have to install another program.

None of the other options suggested approximates the same function, of getting a complete and "live" web page with intact links into Evernote, which as far as I have used it, is the main advantage of the clipper. Doing a "save page as" into a folder is the next best thing but obviously moving stuff out of Evernote defeats the usefulness of Evernote.

Thanks for the replies!

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