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Allow a single note to be Always on top / Float on top of all other windows



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I want to second this. It would give me a reason to stick with Evernote instead of migrating to Onenote.

Notezilla can stay on top like you describe, and I use it frequently to take notes. For example during a zoom conference, when the presenter shares their screen, Zoom would cover an Evernote note window; but a Notezilla window stays on top.

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49 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  What exactly is it that the note is "floating on top" of?  Evernote has the ability to open a note in its own window,  which can be floated anywhere you want...

"Stay on top" / "Always on top" i.e. keep the window on top of all other windows. There was a tool called Afloat which worked for previous macOS versions but does not for macOS Catalina.

Example - If I am reading a PDF or an article on a webpage, I do not want to constantly find my note from behind the webpage / PDF to type.

The native Notes app has this functionality (see screenshot) too. Also, have added another screenshot from Bear which shows a little symbol on the bottom right of the note which toggles the "Always on top" or not - which is pretty handy. 

So, all in all, looks like the OS does have the API / functionality to do this (given Bear + other apps use it). I would love for Evernote to implement this please!  





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Thanks for the further description - I guess that could be useful,  but I tend to work with 3 monitors.  Anything I need to stay 'on top' gets pegged to one of the side screens where I can see and use it.  Also Windows has a 'paging' system where a keypress will cycle through all open apps,  with a default to jump back to the window you were just looking at. It's easy to swop between apps,  even if I'm doing it when copying different sections from one to the other.  (Not trying to start an OS argument,  just pointing out the floating option is a nice to have feature for many users,  rather than an essential...). 

However;  if this gets some more votes...

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I see that this was previously requested here. 

I have also upvoted the request, but I'm pretty sure lots of users searching wouldn't go through the trouble of registering and choosing a display name just to amplify this request. This is a deal breaker for lots of users. This was a joy to use on Tusk for Evernote (Linux). I've recently switched to a Mac and it's quite disappointing that the official Evernote app doesn't have this. For now, I will be using the Apple Notes app to take notes and copy/paste into Evernote when done. Not ideal, considering that formatting across both apps isn't preserved but a potentially viable alternative. 

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Why this feature is not implemented? I'm very surprised. It's an obvious thing actually. I'm using 2 screens: one with video for study - second for evernote and website for practising. Why should I deal with switching between windows? 

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Love Evernote, but considering switching to Bear because this still has not been implemented. Being able to keep a single note window floating on top is essential for better note taking in virtual meetings.

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