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Problems Showing Notes

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      I recently reinstalled Evernote due to problems.  Before on my app when I clicked on a notebook it would show all notes in that notebook.  Now it will only show the

last note.  If i click on All Notes, that does not help.  Also if i use shift + f6 that does nothing.  So I cannot see my list of notes for that notebook, unless I go online and

login  on my computer, in which it has a column headed by All Notes and there all my notes for the notebook are there.  How do I fix the app?



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Hi.  Has your app been able to sync with the server and download your full database of notes? 

If you have synced and still do not see all your notes go to the Databases folder (Tools Options General in Evernote) then File > Exit Evernote and rename your .EXB database to .OLD then log into Evernote again. Your database will be recreated from the server.

(NB if you have any Local -non-synced- notebooks,  export those notes to ENEX first!!)

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