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Daily Journal template

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I'm searching for a template that will work as a daily journal where I can enter important events from the day (conversations, transactions, etc.). Just a calendar with space for entries each day.

Is the Monthly Planner the only option, or is there something that has more of a Daily Planner format with monthly access?

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Hi.  You could make up your own format if you wish - 

  1. Open Evernote on a desktop
  2. create your 'ideal' layout and save/ sync as a note.
  3. Export your note to ENEX and save it to your desktop
  4. Double-click the ENEX file
  5. Check the Evernote app for a new note with your saved format.

Obviously not helpful for mobiles,  but you can create a few spares on a desktop and keep them in a Templates notebook...

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