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I have just started to work on windows 10 with latest version of evernote and ctrl+space is not working as when i select a text and press ctrl+space, it doesn't work and if i don't select the text it actually formats the whole page which is undesirable. What to do? Is there any earlier version for windows 10 where this problem is not there?

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Hi.  Evernote are (they say) in process of completely re-coding all of their apps for all operating systems (See the Evernote Blog), so they may have already dealt with your issue. But they don't preview details, so we'll probably have to wait until the new versions hit the streets to see what new features exist.

If you can explain in more detail how and why you need simplified text we might be able to suggest some workarounds,  but I'd recommend that you stick with the current version of the app - it will be replaced and updated sometime (hopefully) soon. You may know that pasting content into a text only app (like Notepad) before adding it to a note will strip out any additional coding and ensure a standard layout.

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