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How many notes you got?

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I'm old(ish) at 15K notes, and don't expect to ever get close to the 100K limit   
I have a second account (Basic) where notes can be archived to

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Been doing this for 10 years, and have included notes made in other systems prior to that. I just got over 50,000,  going up v-e-r-y--s-l-o-w-l-y.  I wouldn't worry about it for a while...

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Almost 48,000 and adding about 4,500 a year.  So 10+ years before hitting the max.  But I'm reasonably sure I might be doing some purging some time in the next 10 years.  Already have a Basic account with some old project notes, about 6,000 in it.  So not too much of a worry.

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My situation is:



Of course, because I edited my notes during this period, I deleted a lot.

However, I have no worries about exceeding the upper limit.  I believe evernote will increase the upper limit in the future, because many products now do not limit the number of notes.



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16 hours ago, vegerote said:

...   I deleted a lot.


32 minutes ago, charlieedstrom said:

I annually clean out notes.

Just wondering about the reason for deleting notes   
I rarely delete notes; the archive candidates cause no issue and I simply leave them in place (with an !Archive tag)

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