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Notes Sync Every Time I Change Apps

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I primarily use Evernote on my iPhone. I am increasingly frustrated with the delay when I switch apps. EVERY SINGLE TIME I am writing in Evernote and switch to another app (say a browser) to get information, when I go back to Evernote to continue writing, I have to wait for the damned note to re-sync, even if it's been less than 10 seconds! Of course, how long this re-sync takes depends on how good my connection is. How do I change this, I don't have to wait when I change between apps?

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. I'm not in iPhone user, so I can't comment in much detail. I know that on mobile devices, Evernote does not save the content of notes to the device, because of limited space I assume, but only maintains enough basic material to be useful. The content of notes is maintained on Evernote's servers, so that of course new content on a mobile device has to be synced there to be saved. If you've edited a note and switch away from the Evernote app, the app wants to avoid your edits getting lost in case something goes wrong, so it syncs automatically. It can't predict how long you'll be away.

But it seems that you're saying it syncs when you come back rather than when you switch away. The only explanation I can offer for that is that the app wants to be sure in case the note has been edited on another device in the meantime (some people do that all the time).

I assume you've checked the app's sync settings to see if there's anything that could be adjusted. Beyond that, a fellow iPhone user is going to have to chime in.

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