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Hi, and welcome to the forums. I'm not a OneNote user, but others here are and might be able to help out if a little more detail were given. What exactly was the process of importing notes from OneNote into Evernote? Is there anything that the notes that fail to import have in common? If there aren't very many of them, would it be efficient to copy their content to the clipboard and paste into Evernote notes?

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Hi.  Parsing another app's note structure isn't always an exact science - and the goalposts may get moved unexpectedly by the other operator from time to time.  If this is only a few notes can you manually copy them across?

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Hello: I reached a turning point last night that set me free from OneNote once and for all. I started with Evernote in 2009 but became a serious user in 2013. OneNote is a dying system as far as I'm concerned because all cloud all the time does not work for me. I can not get ON it to work if my internet falters I Last night  I realized that putting Excel files in an Evernote gives me everything I want. I start with Evernote notes and when I need to draw, write and solve equations, etc. I just open the Excel attachment. Excel has ink and I set the grid to be square graph paper with light blue lines. I'm done with OneNote eating my work! I join this chat because I found that selecting all in OneNote let me past the information into the Excel attachment in two ways: as a picture (preserves the look of the original onenote) and as "information" which is a messy mix of images and text. Perhaps mixing this method will help the original poster to get everything moved to Evernote. 

PS, I have a standard note with the Excel "graph paper" file blank and a Word file blank (so I can use the equation editor) sitting in my inbox. When I think "OneNote" I duplicate this Evernote, update the title and go to work without worry. Also, I use penultimate with ipad and pencil for true handwriting notes.

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