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I need a few keyboard shortcuts to optimize my workflow in the webapp

The top three are:

  1. Go to search bar (ctrl-q will open search in the desktop app. I need something like for web)
  2. Toggle full screen (my window is often too small to read the note properly and I don't want to use my mouse all the time)
  3. Open a note in a new tab or window. (If I ctrl click on a note it should open it in a new tab)

Anyone have any ideas how I can do this? I've seen EverShort but it only works with old UI.

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Hi.  I've not tried to use them for this sort of activity,  but several automation apps like AHK & Phrase Express will play back a series of movements / keypresses in response to a keyboard shortcut...

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@gazumped -  I've looked into doing that but I would need access to the HTML to click on the XPATH or element ID. I've seen some example's online but they always launch a new instance of the browser. Anyways I'm on linux so I'd be using some other software. 

If there was an extension that clicked on custom XPATHs and IDs on keypress that would probably be good enough for me.

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I made a super simple chrome extension that has keyboard shortcuts to click on search bar and toggle fullscreen. It's available here, https://github.com/RealP/evercuts/

Now if only it could open notes in a new tab then I wouldn't need this request anymore
ALT+Click now does what I want. I want to leave this request open because these features should really be a part of Evernote, not some 3rd party extension.

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