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Evernote & Zoho CRM

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Hello, I would like to see the same kind of integration with Zoho CRM as Evernote currently has with Salesforce.com.

I use Evernote to keep notes on all of my client activities i.e. phone calls, meetings, strategy sessions, etc., and it would be nice to have these Evernote notes inside my Zoho CRM under each respect account and contact.

Thank you!


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With CloudWork’s connector for Zoho CRM and Evernote, anyone who has client contact in this design business can write a quick note in Evernote – from their mobile device, smartphone or laptop – to describe the latest meeting outcomes or client discussion. By using the client’s email address as the subject of the Evernote note, CloudWork automatically matches and adds the contact note to Zoho CRM to keep client records up to date.

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22 hours ago, williamclarks said:

I also have Zoho CRM on my site, I would be glad to know about the possibility of integrating Evernote into Zoho CRM! For example, I tried to import an article https://admission-writer.com/blog/georgetown-essay-prompts, but I didn't succeed.

In particular, I wonder if you can add an article published in Evernote to your blog?

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