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[Web Client] Print Note Cut Out, after update web client

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Like week ago or two, i can perfectly print note as PDF, but now i my note got cut out when i print as PDF.


What i already did..
1. print other note / new note --> has the same result

2. change margin and change paper size --> the margin still way to left

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I can confirm the exact same problem, using Opera as my browser (it appears that you are also using Opera) and v. 6.12.0 of the Evernote Web beta. However, in Firefox 76.0.1, using v. 5.32.0 of Evernote, there is no problem. Also, even in Opera there is no problem if I switch to the older version of Evernote instead of the beta (click the account initial at top left and select the option). So you could try either using a different browser or using the older version of Evernote until they fix this bug.

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