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(Archived) My take on EN3

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I have a business PC with WinXP, a home PC with Vista/Linux dual boot and a laptop with Linux only. I felt I could switch to Linux for all my personal stuff but wasn't willing to do without Evernote. I have been using EN3 now on Linux with the web version on Firefox and it has made me a very happy camper. It works great with Jott also. Sure, I miss templates and some of he other goodies in 2.2.1 but being able to use Linux day-2-day is such a relief from the trudgeries of Windoze. (I'm not a Windows hater or basher, really, it is just slow, cumbersome and very expensive after buying just WIN, Office and a few other apps - and my home PC is a powerhouse.)

Clip to Evernote works mostly. Synch is a charm - I can see all of my notes on any of my 4 PC's with no consistency in OS'es. Suh-weeet. I am not a true power-user but I love Evernotes ability to help me remember things long after the thrill is gone. At the same time I feel for those who are uncertain which of there revered 2.2 functionality will make it into 3.x

Thanks Evernote


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