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forwarding email to EN from multiple emails

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Here is what I've tried.

sent 3 emails to the account linked to my EN acct (linkedtoEN@fictional.com) from 3 different email addresses.  All sent within one minute.  From that EN linked account, I forwarded all 3 to EN.  within a hour, one appeared in my default folder.  Two days later the other two are nowhere to be found. To insure I had the right address, I went to EN and copied/pasted my email address into the 3 emails.  No way I could have mis-typed just 1-2 of them.

From linkedtoEN@fictional.com, I sent two emails directly to EN.  Two days later, neither have appeared in EN.  None of the 5 emails returned an 'undeliverable.'

What is my next step?

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1 hour ago, Passing thru said:

sent 3 emails to the account linked to my EN acct (linkedtoEN@fictional.com) from 3 different email addresses.

What's the purpose of the intermediary account?

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Maybe I wasn't clear.  Sent email straight from 3 accts unattached to EN to  my EN email address. 

Sent emails from my EN signin email address to my EN email.

Tried sending from 3 unattached accts to the gmail acct I use as signin for EN.  From there I forwarded to my EN email address

All of those but one failed to get to my EN default folder after 2 days.  I don't know how often EN checks for in-coming email, but I know it's not 2 days.


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Regarding the EN default "folder" (actually Notebook)   
This can be overridden if you have auto filing enabled


Thanks for the tip.  Autofiling was enabled.  But that leads to a question.  If EN is autofiling, would I not be able to find the emails I sent by using "Search?"  They don't show up in any notebook.

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9 minutes ago, Passing thru said:

If I want EN to download any new emails in my EN email acct, is there a way to do that manually?

Instead of the email process, I use a script on my Mac (Applescript) to export email to Evernote

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1 hour ago, Passing thru said:

Thanks for the tip.  Autofiling was enabled.  But that leads to a question.  If EN is autofiling, would I not be able to find the emails I sent by using "Search?"  They don't show up in any notebook.

A search in All Notes for source:mail.smtp should return all emails in all your notebooks. 

I really don't think the "post office" of the emails that you are sending to EN should make any difference.  As long as the your EN email address is correct the emails should arrive within a few minutes, unless the domain of the sending address is blacklisted for some reason.  Or its a bug which means contacting support. 

I send emails to EN from 3 different email accounts without issue.  Though most are from one of the three accounts.  FWIW.

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There is no need to send e-Mails to „an account linked to EN“ to get them into EN.

Each EN account has it’s own e-mail address, that can be mailed at directly by just putting it into the address-field of an e-Mail I want to send. To determine the notebook I want to send it to, I can put „@notebookname“ behind the Mail title, to Tag it I can use the hashtag plus the tags name „#tagname“. As stated above, Auto filing should be avoided if you want to send to a standard notebook.

Of course, if you want to cloak that you send the e-Mail into EN, you can use an intermediary mail account as a relay. But it should work as well, and does not need „to be related to EN“ by any means. Any mail account that can relay incoming mails based on rules should do.

Remember there is a cap of 200 e-mails max per day.

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First thing: EN is not a mail server. It can receive e-Mails and convert them into a note, but that is it. Plus it is not build to replace a mail client like Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird or others. It is able to receive e-Mails to organize information contained.

The process is simple:

You have an e-Mail in your mail client. You click forward, enter the e-Mail-address of your EN account, and send it. There can be additional information attached, but basically this is what happens. Your mail client needs to push the mail to your server, the server needs to send it to the EN server, and there it needs to be catchend and placed into your EN account. 

Just tried it from one of my Mail accounts - it took a few seconds from pushing the send-button to arrive as a new note in my EN a count.

If this does not work for you, I suggest you issue a support ticket.

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Already submitted a ticket.

Seems most people get a forwarded email to EN in a few minutes.  Mine can take over 24 hrs.  If I send 10, 1 will get to EN in <30 min, 2 will take >24hrs, the rest never show.  Again, I'm copy/paste my EN address so all emails go to the same address.   Doesn't matter if I create/send an email to EN or if I fwd it to EN. FWIW, I add no tags, so all email to EN should go to my default folder.  Search for the email titles doesn't reveal those emails in any folder.  Hope the ticket produces an answer.

In any case, I appreciate the help here.

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@Shane D. Maybe this thread could be taken as a starter to better describe the way in which E-Mails are processed.

Questions I have, and could not answer:

- Is there an Internal Mailserver, that catches all the incoming Mails and convert them into a format that can be integrated as a note. Or is the conversion done on the EN server itself ?

- Are there mail formats (like HTML) that can cause problems in the conversion ? Is there content like larger pictures, Hyperlinks, code or attachments that can cause import problems ? Any other known issues, like special fonts ?

- Is there a sort of filter (like a Spam or DDOS-Filter) that may cause mails to vanish or be delayed ?

- Is there any Ressource to track down if a mail does not arrive ? Can a user watch a log file that shows any issues on mail import ?


Maybe this could be done as a support document or a white paper.

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Better don't do this. There is a high chance that you will appear on the spam list. This is a problem that can't be solved. You can read more about this on folderly.com. When you are on the spam list, every email you send automatically goes to the recipient's spam folder. I had such a problem with the email address that I was using for working. I was redirecting the same email multiple times to different people, and I got on the spam folder. I had created a new email address, so I lost many of my old clients because they didn't know about my new one.

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