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How can I check my Evernote upload data statistics?

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I know there is a way smaller upload limit on the Basic service than the Premium has, but how can I find out how much I really need? EN account shows me I have all of the available amout left for 28 days and I didn't find any way to see how much upload I used in the past. How can I access this info at least for the last month, but much better would be to have it for multiple month in the past.

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Hi. I can only suggest you raise a support request for this - AFAIK there's no history information available other than your current month usage. Since there are only two current account levels you could simply downgrade for a while to see how the lower limits suit you - or don't;  your existing notes will still be available to view,  though any which exceed the note size limit for Basic will not be editable.  You could take a punt at the average usage by checking your database size and dividing by your membership age in months - but obviously that will exclude occasional peaks,  and any editing when the note is (effectively) re-uploaded.  Evernote may have some information that's not otherwise available. 

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