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Security- Unauthorized log ins , Is it possible to know what they viewed ?

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Someone from India logged in to my account today. I have changed my PW however, is it possible to see what notes were viewed/accessed ?   

I have highly sensitive information in my Evernote (passport copies, birth certificate scans etc etc.)  - I don't know what to do other than the obvious changing of PW's etc.  The thought of my most sensitive personal data being out there is deeply concerning. 

Upon further examination I saw that there had been some other suspicious log ins from Egypt, Uzbekistan etc. over the past year, and one Android phone authorized on my account which is not mine. 

I read that many other members have experienced the same issues.  

Is it possible to know what data may have been viewed or know what the impact was of this person's log in ?

(no need to tell me to change passwords or add 2-factor authentication.) 


Thanks ~~  

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