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Adding British English as a language (also adding medical/scientific terms to the dictionary)



I'm sure I'm far from the first or last person to suggest/request this, but I've been using Evernote for the past 7 years and it annoys me no end that British English has never been a language option. Even when I add British varient spellings to the dictionary, it often takes several "Add to Dictionary" before it'll actually stop redlining it. Yes, I'm a Premium user and it's not even a Premium feature. Also, as the title says, it'd be awesome if they could implement a dictionary of scientific/medical terms. I'm a biomed student who's been using Evernote for lecture notes (I had to upgrade to Premium just so I could upload more of them this month) and it didn't even recognise terms like "acetylcholine" or "excitatory" or "ligand". 

Okay, maybe the latter point is more forgiveable since there's a whole freaking universe of obscure-ish scientific terms out there and it many be hard to include them all, but come on, no British English, seriously?! After well over 7 years?!

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Yes, I agree with the request for more English options. I use NZ English but would be happy enough with UK English as it is very close. US English is significantly different and therefore the spell checker underlines many words in red. Surely this is not a difficult fix?

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25 minutes ago, agsteele said:

So, for example, a Windows PC with is language set to UK English will do language checks in British English.

But unfortunately seems to also accept US English!


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@Mike P I confess that I hadn't checked this. I, too, find, that some US English spellings are accepted on my other UK configured device.

However, that shouldn't be a problem for @AndrewDG since he should still see his local spellings accepted... :)

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