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(Archived) Is it possible to have all the notes available on the phone?


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Could you please give us a clue as to when offline notes (all of them) might be available? It's been about 10 months since the first thread on this subject started. We were first told cloud notes were the standard for Evernote products which blatantly ignored the fact that OTHER companies' products did provide offline notes (I guess Evernote doesn't see any competition out there??). We were also told Evernote was just trying to save us data charges. Next, we were told Evernote was hiring more Android staff. However, I still don't get the feeling offline Evernotes are anywhere near being fielded. I'd love to hear I'm wrong. Do you have at least a guesstimate of when it might happen? I'm getting awfully used to Springpad, and if Evernote can't field offline capability, I'll likely stop returning here to look for the updated capability. I imagine others may be in the same position.

Thanks, Steve

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We have more engineers working on the Android than on the iPhone, and their top priority is offline sync. Evernote data is a lot more complicated than what you might find in a simple Android-only note app, since we support arbitrary web clips, audio notes, PDFs, etc, with bidirectional synchronization. So it's a lot more work, and we're putting in the resources to get it right.


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the first reason to pay for PREMIUM Account was the OFFLINE FUNCTION....I am waiting for a long time and still pay my premium account but I'm wondering for what???

I think you can get us more informed about these inoperational function and offer some free month to be agree with your customer..isnt'it ?



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Evernote data is a lot more complicated than what you might find in a simple Android-only note app,

Too bad you didn't take the one step at a time approach. I bet a majority of users would be overjoyed to have at least text based notes synced. I recall folks have asked to have it just even limited to one notebook and text. Since we've had the limitation issue where you can only edit notes that are text only (or append) , then it would be ok to ONLY sync text notes. Plus I haven't been able to get the notes clipped from the web to display the jpgs except in the thumbnail list format and not in the note itself.

So that reminded me that we still need / should have the ability to remove all html code or whatever from a note and end up with a text only note so it can be edited.


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