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Hi All,

Hope this kind of post isn't out of line. I've recently switched to using an Android phone, and so the Android version of Evernote. Its pretty similiar to (if not functionally exactly the same as) the WinMo version.

However, with my new phone I find myself using Evernote more and more (especially since I recently also went premium on Evernote; its a fantastic tool). And the more I use it, the more some features scream out for updates, and others are obvious by their absence.

1. Offline Storage of Notes. Alot of people have already mentioned it, and there are countless threads about it already so.. (See http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=13804

2. Notebooks. In the absence of offline storage, I had hoped the Android version of Evernote would at least display a list of notebooks before displaying notes so at least I can quickly find what I'm looking for. I can understand the logic of displaying the most recent notes; but I find I don't always need to reference my most recent notes and the current system is a nightmare unless I'm near my laptop.

3. Sharing. Android has some pretty amazing sharing capabilities built in. Evernote seems to work with some but not all of the sharing options; and it would be nice it if did (Mainly seem to missing Share To options)

4. Location based notes. This is a very cool feature, but is annoying to use. Perhaps its just my handset (HTC Desire), but it often takes 10 seconds or more for Evernote to find my location and attach it to a note; its not much of delay but its enough to throw off conversations or make taking quick notes difficult.

5. Viewing Encrypted Notes. Its very annoying not being able to view the contents of encrypted sections within Notes. In addition, I'm never clear if editing "encrypted" notes deletes the original content with my changes, or if the encrypted section is kept.

6. Checkboxes note appearing. Its also annoying that we can't manage todo lists on android. It makes it pointless trying to use this feature if you rely upon Evernote mobile for any reason.

Cheers All

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Thanks for the feedback. All of those are things that we also want to see on the Android. The Mac/Windows/iPhone versions have a year or two head start on the Android, but we have increased our headcount on Android engineering and are making good progress. (My primary phone is a Droid, so I'm in the same boat.)


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I agree with evilgenius, especially on the inability to manage a to do list on Evernote mobile. It would be nice to be able to create/modify to do lists on my phone. This could be especially handy when, say creating and fulfilling a shopping list and to do lists.

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I can't say enough about the OP's item no. 2. I want to see my notebooks first thing, not the entire list. This is something Springpad allows and I'm trying out both SP and Evernote. I really want to use Evernote because it is more robust, but this simple ability to see the notebooks I've spent time creating online is a mystery as to why this isn't more easily accessible on my phone.

Great job!

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