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(Archived) Evernote does not recognize underscore as word break

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Why doesn't Everynote recognize the underscore as a word seperator on it's search index? Also, any way to search with wildcards like this *INV*. For example, say I want all notes with string invoicenumber. I noticed notes with strings like this don't pull up


But a contradiction.. If I add sp-invoicenumber to the note it does pull it up and then it even highlights a match in sp_invoicenumber.

Thank you.

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This is actually intentional. We treat a "word" as any contiguous sequence of:

* letters (as defined by Unicode)

* numbers

* the underscore character

This allows you to use the underscore to make special "magic keywords" like "_foo" that you may want to search for again later.

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If a note contains the word "invoicenumber", you could match that note if you searched for:


So you can match the beginning of a word by putting an asterisk at the end, but you can't search the middle of a word.

If you had notes with "sp_invoicenumber" in them, you could match them if you searched for:


or something like that.

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