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(Archived) message that you sent to 'en-support@evernote.com'

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excuse me en-support-team,

if this sounds a little rude,

but why the heck are you offering to post the log from within the iphone app,

when the user needs to open a case BEFORE to get a valid case number to be veryfied to write to you?!

i got huge problems with the iphone app.

i spend a lot of time trying to help you with making screenshots on the iphone, hassling around getting those images into the mail where the log files are.

wrote a summary, etc.

and then, the mail (send WITHIN the iphone, while clicking on the post-button INSIDE en) got bounced, with the following content:

The message that you sent to 'en-support@evernote.com' did not contain a valid case number, so cannot be delivered.

To contact Evernote, please choose one of the options on this page:


For example, you can open a Technical Support inquiry at the bottom of:


Premium users should make sure to provide their Evernote username and email address to ensure priority handling.



this, excuse me, really sucks!

and it is not a well-thought-out support system.

grrrr. just create a special serial number which is pasted in the created mail while the user selects "post the log to en-support". cant be a big thing.

just *use* your software and you will see what needs to be improved!

ok. no offence ment. i just cannot understand such a dumb usability for the (paying) user.


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