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(Archived) PDF Attachment Filename Problem




My main use of evernote is to store articles as pdf files for easy searching, tagging, etc... I usually get these files through the web clipper, which unfortunately gives each pdf file attachment a crazy, unidentifiable name (eg. dd9afc8b6d69cacd3c0.pdf). This becomes a problem when I want to do something else with the pdf file (eg. send it my kindle).

In the past I was able to set the attachment names to be the same as the title of the note. However, I've forgotten how I did that and can't find any indication anywhere on the web or in this forum.

Any suggestions?



Evernote 1.11 on Snow Leopard

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Was it at one time possible to change the pdf filename's to the title of the note? Or is my memory just off?

I wrote some messages in this forum to get this feature added. At the moment the filename of the pdf is not visible and cannot be edited.

It looks like a simple feature to add but EN prefer to focus on interface programming (my feeling).

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