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Right-click CRUD operations on Stacks (and everywhere else)



Feature Request

I decided to post here after right-clicking on a Stack intent on creating a new notebook within, and being shocked to find this as the only option:


This makes no sense to me. Not only is it missing the basic CRUD features referenced by the o.p., but the one option offered is something I'd never think to look for with a right-click because it's far easier to double-left-click or single-left-click on the triangle. 😤

What would it mean to have CRUD options in the contextual menu when right-clicking? The same issue exists for pretty much every other item in the side nav, but I'll just focus on Stacks here:

  • <CRUD> ⇒ <Actual Feature>
  • Create ⇒ New Notebook in this Stack
  • Read ⇒ Info… optional, really…might include stats or something
  • Update ⇒ Rename this Stack
  • Delete ⇒ Delete this Stack…with option to move or delete notebooks



I used to be a subscriber years ago and left specifically because this sort of oversight kept leaving me feeling stymied. The only reason I'm back is because of Tiago Forte's Building a Second Brain course, and there's a chance I'll remain this time, just for the powerful capture features. But a little part of me wants to cut and run again every time I encounter this sort of discrepancy:

Context 1: Side nav


Context 2: (All) Notebooks


Why must I navigate to a special page just to access the full set of right-click features? Surely it would take a mere handful of developer hours (if that) to replace the anemic options in #1 with the full feature set offered in #2. In fact, over the long run, the code deduplication would probably save developer time! #DRY

Evernote team: here's an analogy to help clarify why ignoring this issue year after year not only does us users a disservice, it's probably hurting your bottom line. Imagine you've just sat down to test-drive a Tesla Model S—self-driving, laptop-sized screen, 0-60 in 4 seconds…wow! Now imagine the sinking feeling in your gut when you discover that there are no sun visors, no side mirrors, and no floor mats. And the salesperson says there's no aftermarket option for adding them. On the one hand, those features cost nearly nothing to implement compared with the all-electric drive train and the fancy air-conditioner animation. On the other hand, the cost of not having them has you suddenly curious what's available at the Toyota dealership down the road! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's not that I don't appreciate everything you've built here…it's just a little mystifying to find these basics missing. 🤗

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