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Feature Request: Enable tagging within an article or page



Dear Evernote, 

I am an academic researcher working in a university, and I love using Evernote to download research articles and organize my notes - as do many of my peers. However, there is a feature that is very noticeably missing, one which improve Evernote significantly - the ability to tag portions of text within an article. If added, this feature would revolutionize the way we conduct our research and organize our literature reviews, and it would bring in a huge amount of new users in academia who would swap from OneNote and similar competitors to Evernote on this feature alone. 

When reading articles, we need the ability to tag certain sentences or paragraphs (e.g. "great example of X" or "argument in support of Y") within an article, ideally by highlighting the relevant section of text and clicking a tag feature. Right now, we can only add tags to the entire paper, which is useless for us if it means we have to reread and search through 30 twenty-page articles that are all tagged with "great example of X" to find a specific example. Instead, being able to tag a particular sentence or portion of text would completely streamline the academic literature review and paper writing process, and would save so much time. It would also be incredibly helpful in other ways, as it would mean that you wouldn't forget something important you read in a paper two years ago. Instead, if you could tag important sentences and paragraphs as you go along, and then later search by the tag and immediately read all the relevant sections tagged, putting together your arguments and writing a strong paper would be so, so much easier. 

I feel like this would be relatively easy to implement, as you already have the tag feature set up. Please, please do this. You would gain an entire sector of the academic market. 

Also, while we're at it, please make it possible to highlight sentences in more colors than just yellow. Often within one paragraph or page, there are many distinct and important points, and it would be helpful to highlight the distinct points in different colors; as it currently stands, if a page is filled with important points then you simply end up with an entire page covered in yellow, and it's not very useful. Having multiple highlighter colors would be great way to easily differentiate between the different points and visualize the flow of the article. Thank you! 

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4 hours ago, JylResearcher said:

I feel like this would be relatively easy to implement, as you already have the tag feature set up.

If Evernote had a $ for every post that specified "relatively easy" ...
The existing infrastructure is not set up for this, and it would not be "relatively easy"

My work-around is to use in-text keywords, for example tag_!Sample
The keywords automatically get indexed for text search,
and can be inserted in note contents, or note attachments
I use scripting to pull the list of keywords from the existing tag table

>>please make it possible to highlight sentences in more colors than just yellow

The latest beta versions support a colour palette1321359247_ScreenShot2020-05-26at1_11_38PM.png.7bdf4c20ee3d1c4fe0c24eb532735a6a.png

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Hmmn.  If I were attempting to classify multiple quotes from one source I'd be tempted to save a whole page (or two) containing the complete text I need. I'd clip 'simplified version' and then highlight the quote before I clip.  The highlighted section comes out with a yellow marker, which is highly visible.  If there are two quotes on the same page,  save it again but highlight the other text. In both cases apply their respective tags.  Now,  when you use tag 'A' you get one quote,  and tag 'B' gives you another; you have the context and the URL back to the original.

My screenshot of a clip...


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