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Marking up Web Pages Prior to Clipping

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I use EN's web clipper a lot. Is there a way to mark up a page, say, shade certain portions before clipping such that the mark up or shading is captured in Evernote? Some time ago, perhaps several years ago, EN's web clipper had this functionality, but it doesn't seem to be there now. I realize that I can just click a portion of a page, but I want to capture the entire page along with notes that I have made.



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Hi.  You can clip a web page,  and you can clip a screenshot,  which should (depending on which OS you're using) give you the option to add comments - to 'annotate' the screenshot.  That,  currently is it.  If you can describe a different preferred option,  you could start a Feature Request to see how popular that might be...  

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It was some time ago - several years ago, in fact -- when Evernote's web clipper allowed you to shade and mark up a document before clipping. I don't remember now whether it was a native capability or worked with some other add-on. It was really great.

I'll probably post as a feature request.


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