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Download Documents Directly into Evernote From the Web



It would be great to be able to download documents directly Into Evernote from the web without having to download them first to your computer, and then copy them over to Evernote. For example. I get a utility bill email telling me my bill is ready to view online. I click on the "view my bill" link on the utility company website, and it shows a PDF Preview in my browser (Firefox).  I then have the option of printing the bill or selecting download. If I select download, I can download the file to my computer or any other cloud storage that appears as a local folder on my computer.  But I don't seem to be able to do that with Evernote, Download Directly into my notebook.  The browser "Clip to Evernote" feature does not work with a PDF Preview.  Thanks!

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I answered my own question... sort of.  in FIREFOX, when I click on Download, the Browser "what should I do with this file" dialog box pops up.  I check the "Open with" button, and then instead of Adobe Reader, I use the drop down to "Other...".  Then I "Browse" to "Program Files (x86) > Evernote > Evernote > Evernote.exe and then click 'Open".   This will now Import the file to Evernote into whatever folder I last pointed to.  But this is a Bit Cumbersome to say the least.

This does NOT Work on the CHROME Browser as Chrome launches the "Save As" dialog.

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Found a Better Way, courtesy of the Web.  I now set Evernote to be a "Helper Application" in the "Open with",  "Other..." "Choose Helper Application".   First, go to Any .PDF file in Windows Explorer.(Or the type of file you want to add Evernote as an App to   Right Click on that file. Select "Open with" and then "Choose another app".  "More Apps". Then "Look for another app on this PC" and then drill down to Evernote.exe .  This will add Evernote to your dropdown list of "Helper Applications" and you can Import your PDF file directly into the last used notebook on Evernote.

This works, but is still a little clunky. Would prefer a browser Plug-In similar to the "Web Clipper" where I could designate a specific folder for my imports to land.

This does NOT Work in Chrome or EDGE. (Both of these bring up a "Save as" dialog box. Unless Evernote can be a "drive" on my computer where I can save the file to.)

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