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What scanner do you use with Evernote?

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I have two Fujitsu scanners - the original Evernote Edition and the Fujitsu ix500.  I ended up throwing away my ix500 because after a firmware upgrade, it wasn't recognized by any computer I put it on!  Its too bad because I had both scanners dialed in and I loved it. Very reliable.

I am now searching for a second scanner, since my Evernote edition is staying home.  I need one for work.  I am reading reviews on the new ix1500 but it seems like people don't like it compared to the ix500.  I want a scanner that integrates with Evernote quickly where I scan and it goes immediately into my inbox with the push of one button.  Apparently, the ix1500 requires a two button push (once to OK scan?).  Anyways, please let me know if you have purchased a scanner recently to work with Evernote. Thanks!

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Still with my ix500, and no plans to move on. Scanning only a few pages I do with my iPhone and the ScannerPro-app. It has the option to install workflows, which send the scan into a specified notebook, tagging it with a standard set of tags.

The ix500 is for the heavy lifting. If I would have to switch, it would probably be the ix1500. I have not tried it, but I like the option to switch scanning profiles right on the touch screen. I use several ones, depending on the scanning job (pdf, jpeg, low and high resolution), and have to move to the PC/Mac if I need to switch.

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I've been using a ScanSnap S1300i for a while now.  Created some of my own profiles though.  I scan to an import folder so one button scanning.

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