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Troubleshooting: Shared Notebook losees Tags in EN Basic

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I use Evernote on the web and also have the app on Android phone and tablet. I established a shared notebook with a friend who has EN Basic Windows on her PC and Android phone. The shared notebook works very well on her Android phone. It works okay on her EN Windows app, but the tags are not very well synced. When she logs into Evernote web, the shared notebook appears in the legacy version and the tags appear in the notes but they do not appear in search tags. When she switches to the new EN web the shared notebook disappears completely. Please advise.

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Hi.  What sort of advice would you like?  The new web version is not full-featured,  but older versions are available which might work better.  Different OS's currently show tags with more and less usability.  Evernote is already working on a new editor that might address some of these issues,  but meantime what you (sometimes don't) see is pretty much what you get...^_^

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