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New iPhone can't login to Evernote app

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Hi, my new iPhone doesn't let me log in to the Evernote app. It just says "Error communicating with the Evernote servers" when trying to log in through Google. When I try to use my email address linked to Evernote it says "Invalid email". 

I'm on the Basic plan and I know it has a limit of only 2 devices. So I already went ahead and cancelled the access of my old phone under Account > Devices as well as Security > Applications.

Never had issues before to login to Evernote. Already deleted the app on my old phone.

Please let me know how to proceed to access Evernote on my new phone. Thank you.



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3 hours ago, renée sayegh said:

I have the exact same problem with my new iPhone ! what do you mean by uninstall and restart device?

how do I do that?


Remove the app from your device.  Power off and back on.  Add the app back and log in.

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Just upgraded from iPhone X to iPhone 12.  I do NOT want to upgrade to EN IOS V10 and the current copy on iPhone X is  Login on iPhone 12 brings up banner that says

Error sign in

Won't remove app since appears only IOS option in App Store is version 10.2, and have restarted iPhone 12 several times.  

Seeking advice to be able to log in to iPhone 12 version

2020DC28 11:00 Sydney

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Simple as that: AFAIK it will not do.

The iPhone 12 does come preloaded with iOS 14 from the factory. You get the app selection that will run on it. So the AppStore will present the newest available release for you to load, no selection because there is none following the AppStore rules.

The only way to run the old app would be on an old iOS, where the AppStore still permits loading the old app because the iOS version does not allow for the newer release. But there is no downgrading of iOS, because the 12 comes preloaded with iOS 14, you can just move further from there, but not back.

Only reasonable move: Install EN v10.2 iOS which is currently the newest release. It is not that bad after all (still some bugs) ...

Or get a jailbreak for your new iPhone (not recommended).

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How about having web access?  I have an old iPhone 6 that I’d like to access EN. App doesn’t work. I tried suggestions here nothing works. I access the web using safari and all it gets me is my account info. No access to my notes. Any other suggestions?  Thank you!


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I think you should check the number of I think you should check the number of available devices you can connect to one account. Maybe that's the problem. In addition, the problem may be in your smartphone itself. For example, the cellular module or the Wi-Fi module is defective. Do you have other applications that require an Internet connection working? I also advise you to check the speed, the ping, and the stability of your connection. If the problem is still not the Internet, then you should contact a specialist who will be able to diagnose your smartphone. Alternatively, you can go to allrepair.fr. A friend of mine spoke very highly of this service.available devices you can connect to one account. Maybe that's the problem.

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