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Locking on the notebook/note level..

Dmitry Gerenrot


Sometimes I like to access my Evernote from my company-issued laptop, from the web UI.

Although most of my stuff is benign, I am not comfortable sharing certain notes/notebooks, in case they somehow get a hold of my traffic, or if someone simply walks by.

It would be great if my account could require an additional (possibly separate) password before it would let have a glimpse of certain notes or notebooks, even after I have logged in to my account. 


Otherwise, great product. I installed back in 2010, as soon as I have learned of it. 


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Hi. Having worked for IT companies I can assure you that if you use a work computer to access private information,  and your company wishes to observe your activity (which it has every right to do),  it will succeed in doing so.  Having said which the web client would only download the content of notes that were actually opened online.  If you don't access a notebook it 'should' be fairly secure - although clearly there is the danger of random search hits generating lists of titles and partial content.  Password protecting content has been a frequent request over the years,  though there's a fundamental conflict with the application being designed to find text - that would not be searchable if locked.

Best option might be to have any work-sensitive content in one account and other personal information in another. Content could be shared between them and either could be accessed as needed from work. 

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