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So my wife and I have had notes which we have shared over time.  Shopping lists, jobs to do, things like that.  Well, those notes have long since been deleted by her but I still see them on notes shared with me and likewise she sees my notes shared with her on her shared notes even though I've deleted them from my evernote.  Can this be fixed?

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. This problem gets raised from time to time, and my recollection is that it is a flaw in the note-sharing system, since the person who created and shared the note must revoke the sharing in order for those with whom it is shared to delete it (a flaw that is on the list of things to be fixed). If the notes have been deleted, and are no longer even in the Trash, then I'm not sure there's a solution. If they're still in the Trash, the original owner of a note could restore it from Trash and then revoke the sharing. I'd wait for this to affect the other person's account before deleting it again. I haven't tried this myself, so I'm just speculating!

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I think this is a problem about our security, is the note not apeaar in any place of both user, how is posible that the note apears yet?, if the original creator has been deleted the note, this is a big problem, recently i have had some issues about that whit my personal account.

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