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Missing Basic Features in Evernote

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Hello Team,
You have come so many times and conquered bugs in the app. 
Didn't you see that there is still no option to add tables in android app. This is completely insane. Pls conquer this bug also. This is a minimum feature. I really dont know what is stopping you to give this feature.
Not only this.  There are small small essential features that millions of people (except Evernote team) use daily are missing in the app.
The Evernote web app has no format painter STILL. It has been there in all other note management apps since ages.  
This results in doing all the font adjustments one by one every time when we copy or write something.  --> If you call this as smart work, Nobody agrees. 
There are no much highlight color options while writing down notes. (only 6)  --> I still don't understand, what is the problem to give more options.
There is no page break option: 
whenever we print the so called beautiful Evernote document, it is not beautiful anymore on paper. uneven breaks in the text. Looks very UGLY. 
This is again a bare minimum feature to have for any note taking app. Pls see below image in print preview. 
And please dont say that Evernote is meant for writing notes in digital environment only and not suitable on papers.
There is no option to align the images. 
Oh my God... Is this something not achievable? a very common & most used feature. People are asking about this feature since years.  YOU DON'T CARE. 
When we try to add an image under a section, it right away starts at the left corner of the page by creating a confusion about its position.  ANd some times, after resiging the image it still show in original size when we re open the document. 
Every time after you update the app, we see very eagerly for the change log / What new section hoping that you would have issued some of the essential missing features as mentioned above.  BUT......
 you simply write. We came; We saw;  We conquered bugs.  
Didn't you see all these shortcomings in your very popular app. If so, why haven't you conquered these?
I am not a free user to Evernote. Observed all these issues just after using the app for few days recently. May be If any of the above said features are available and are not recognized by me, I would be very happy if you could  guide me to those. 

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