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Text Formatting - Highlight Color

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This question piqued my curiosity... and so I found a workaround for you @RedEyedRocker

  1. Create a Note in either EN Windows or EN Web... this note will serve as your Template 'Colour Palette' note when using EN Windows.
  2. Create 6 lines of text, or just use characters e.g ellipses for each line ".... ..... ....." etc  for each of the 6 available colours
  3. Format the backgrounds of each line text with each of the 6 colours (edit note in EN-Web)
  4. Return to EN Windows > Double click your Template Colour Palette Note, so it opens in a new window

Now when you create new notes, you simply copy/paste a line of text/background colour required from your 'colour-palette' note window to the new note and edit text as necessary

Example Images attached... shows the note in EN-Web v EN-Windows







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Hi, @RedEyedRocker, and welcome to the forums. @RavBoy's workaround is similar to what I've sometimes done. The good news is that the functionality currently available in the Web beta (such as selecting highlight colors, header styles, etc.) is supposed to be coming eventually to other platforms including the Windows program. And hopefully the reverse will also be true, so that the good reminder functions in Windows will make it into the Web client.

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Hi Ravboy. I use the exact same method for highlighting as you described above however I am not able to paste text within the highlighted area and have it retain the highlight so the method has some use to me but only if I know what I'm going to highlight in advance of typing the text. This is what it looks like if I paste text into the highlighted block:

.....This is a test.....

Do you use any workaround for that? I haven't been able to come up with one.




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Hi @gkoclanis Yeah I just tried to copy/paste some text into a pre-existing line of background-highlighted text, and got the same outcome as you...so it appears that my workaround only works for entering new text the old fashioned way via the keyboard.  I don't know of a way to allow copy paste to work, sorry.  Interestingly, copy/paste does work if the background-highlighted text uses the EN-Windows defualt background highlight color!  


EDIT:  I just tried the above using EN-Web, and copy/paste does work there if you use CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste and match style...but of course you don't need to bother as EN-Web app already offers all 6 colors for text background highlight.  So unless someone knows a way EN-Web is the only solution

EDIT #2:  I'm like a dog with a bone lol... If for some reason you cant access/use EN-Web, I just discovered you can open a MS Word Doc, paste a line of EN pre-highlighted background text >>>  Then copy/paste all other text inside that line and it works   >>>   then copy back to EN-Win.  Note you can also use the MS Background colors, BUT, these colors will not display in any other EN-Apps (EN-Web, EN-Android etc) but will remain in EN-Win

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Please add highlight color options to the Windows 10 App.  I have had many issues with notes not syncing and content being lost when I go between the Web app and the iphone/ipad app.  Your representative recommended using the Windows 10 app and syncing through it, but it doesn't allow me to change the highlight color, only yellow is available.  Please add color options to the Windows App.

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Please be aware that these are basically user-to-user forums, and don't work as a way to address Evernote directly. Premium users can do that through support. In any case, there are forums specifically for feedback and feature requests--including distinct forums for the Windows and Mac desktop programs.

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On 8/25/2020 at 12:39 PM, alexamaxine said:

And for macs too!  I really need other options for highlighting.... and I am often working remote with no wifi, so online work is not an option....

We've seen highlight colour options in beta versions
It's currently implemented in the web platform; no date estimate for Mac/Windows

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