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(Archived) Feature Request: Nested Tag Searching

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Is it possible, when searching on tags to allow a match on a parent tag of a tag that is actually contained on the post ?

What I mean by this is the following:

Suppose I have the following Tag Structure:

Parent Tag A

- Child Tag 1

- Child Tag 2

Parent Tag B

- Child Tag 3

- Child Tag 4

Suppose a Note is tagged with only Child Tag 1, and you do a search for all notes tagged with Parent Tag A -

It would be nice to have the search find the post with only Child Tag 1, since that tag is in the hierarchy of the tag you are searching for.

It seems to me that this would add a certain amount of power to searching, since the tags can be implicit or inherited rather than having to be explicitly set.

Just my 2 cents

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If you use the "smart tag" method I mentioned in my other post, you can easily find the parent with a search.

Example of family member tags: Fam-JLB, Fam-DLB, Fam-BEB

If you want to see notes for all family members, just search for tag:fam-*

If you want to reduce the notes to just notes for all family members car insurance info, just search for tag:Fam-* tag:Ins-car

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