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(Archived) Feature Request: Nested/Hierarchical Notebooks

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This a common request. It's not clear that this will be implemented any time soon, although the Evernote folks have said that it's of interest to them. Please use the forum search (topis: subfolder, nested, hierarchical, etc.) to find other discussions on this topic; there are many.


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I started using Evernote with the same basic thought. I created many notebooks, but after reading the comments on the forum I realized I was heading in the wrong direction.

Tags and searches are a much better solution.

So I reduced the number of notebooks dramatically to just 7.

Acquaintances, Job, Personal, Hobbies, Politics, Miscellaneous, and a non-sync'd local notebook.

And I use "smart" tags that group together.

Companies: Com-Target, Com-Ford, Com-Allstate

Family members: Fam-JLB, Fam-DLB, Fam-BEB

Insurance: Ins-Car, Ins-Dental, Ins-Home, Ins-Medical

Personal: Per-Neighbor, Per-Pets, Per-Phone, Per-Travel, Per-Yard

Government: Gov-County, Gov-Town, Gov-State, Gov-Fed

Employers: Job-Abc, Job-Def, Job-Ghi

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I agree that tagging is better than notebooks. In fact I thought notebooks were a bad idea until I lost one. Most of my eggs were in that one basket.

I suspect that it's much harder to lose all the notes with a given tag than to lose all the notes in a notebook.

But I still think tags are better as you can file stuff with multiple tags but not in multiple notebooks.


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Although it's been discussed on here many times before I still think EN are missing a trick by not supporting a folder hierarchy.

Tags are useful and EN now supports a tag hierarchy so the value of grouping items seems to be seen.

In an ideal world I would use both - items that are obviously grouped together, like my notes on a specific client or project would be in a single notebook. Then I could use tags to highlight items that span across Notebooks.

Unfortunately, I don't believe that a single flat level of 100 notebooks is manageable - so I end up using nasty hacks and moving notes around a lot.

It's not perfect but given the other advantages that EN has I will continue to be a relatively happy user, that's not to say I'm not always looking for the 'perfect' solution.

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