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(Archived) printing out List View

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Is there a way of printing out the List View. I want to have an offline copy to edit and mark up away from a pc.

Putting stuff into Evernote is extremely easy, as is tagging etc but the output options seem limited if you want to produce a list of notes quoting Evernote as the source.

Perhaps someone can point to a suitable way of extracting info.

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Thanks for confirming the situation.

It is a shame that a system that is fantastic at putting and organising stuff in is limited in getting info it out.

I've been using it for family history captures and notes. But I will need to reconsider whether Evernote has any advantage over standard 'picture' folders that have their entries tagged.

It would be nice to think that future versions will beef up the output options so rhat Evernote could be more of a research tool rather than just a note taker/jotter.

In the meantime I will grab screenshots of the lists then ocr them to get them into a spreadsheet.

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Thanks for that information. But I should not have to jump through so many hoops to get a simply printout from EN. Your suggestion is a good way to get what I want, but EN should fix this problem.

Thanks again.

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I also vote for this feature. It could be a button in Notebook Settings, "Copy Title List to Clipboard" or something.

As another work-around hack, I used the RSS feed of the Notebook as viewed in a Browser, which can be copied and edited in various ways. You may need to fiddle the URL to view all the notes, it looks like the feed defaults to number = 25.

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