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Where to place AppleScripts to see the Scripts menu?

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In the past I used some AppleScripts for specific tasks. Those scripts were all in the folder


When starting Evernote, I saw an Scripts menu item with all my personal scripts listed.

I am rediscovering Evernote, but the Scripts menu does not show anymore. I have tried to copy the scripts to

/User/username/Library/Application Scripts/com.evernote.Evernote/SomeScript.scpt

but that doesn't make a difference.

So the million dollar question is: where should I place my AppleScripts to get the Scripts menu back?

Update: I am using the download version, not the App Store version.


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8 minutes ago, Robert (NL) said:

I am rediscovering Evernote, but the Scripts menu does not show anymore.

Turn the menu on in Scripts Editor >Β Preferences1600417492_ScreenShot2020-05-15at7_07_59AM.png.09b5fd38a28db0074dd8c430df03cc69.png

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31 minutes ago, Robert (NL) said:

Thanks for the quick reply. Of course that checkbox was enabled (has been for ages, using it with other apps as well).

Are you seeing the Scripts Menu in the Menu Bar at the top
and select Open Scripts Folder



In my installation, the Evernote scripts folder is atΒ /Users/<username>/Library/Scripts/Applications/Evernote326430286_ScreenShot2020-05-15at7_44_52AM.png.29def2335903576981b1231db75cdf57.png

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