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Evernote Database Storage Size on Computer Hard Drive

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Our entire office has been getting notifications that our "disk is almost full" on our Macbook Pros separately over the past month or two.  During an EV chat this morning, we learned how to locate the Evernote database on our Macs.  Across our 14 users, we have anywhere from 55GB to 92GB of storage being used by Evernote alone, which is at least 30% of our computer storage space.  Could you please advise if there are any options to reduce the local storage size?  Can any items be deleted locally and still function at full capacity?  Can we localize data to a single office server?  Is this something specific to Apple Macbooks?  Was there a recent EN release that altered the back-up system?  We have concerns about future company growth if this is our data files size already within 5 years. 

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No, the Location of the database on the Desktops is set by the EN app and can not be altered.

You could give it a try and uninstall the app from one of the Macs (using the App AppCleaner and clicking ALL components of EN  to be uninstalled). Then restart the Mac, reinstall the app (direct install from the EN website) and log into the Account. It will then start to sync with the server data, rebuilding the database. Sometimes this helps to reduce the database size somewhat.

Other options:

Deleted notes are not deleted, but kept in the „trash“ notebook indefinitely. Empty the trash if there are many notes in there.

Hold the opt/alt-key before clicking on the help menu. Go to the new last option and choose one of the sub menu items to reorganize the local EN database. 

Split the content into an active part in the normal account, and an archive account where to keep older notes just for reference. The second account should only be accessed through the web client or by mobile clients, thus avoiding that it downloads as well to the Mac.Usually for this type of use a Basic account will do. You can go to Premium for a month or so, and move the notes to the archive account using the Upload Limit (10 GB per month) to the limit. The notes will be there even after falling back to BASIC. 

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