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Presenting with Evernote

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Hi. Are you having some problems with presenting,  or are you just looking for best practices?  In very general terms you need to be aware of Evernote's limitations - scrolling through notes is not a great idea,  and starting and stopping attached audio and video files can be... quirky... plus the type size when projected means any notes probably need to have characters far bigger than you'd normally be comfortable with on screen.  Plus this is a network-intensive process,  so unreliable connections are going to kill the process.

This is just a list a scrabbled together for your question,  but it's what I did when presenting.  Practicalities may change in future to allow for more remote working...

  1. Create your presentation and try it out on whatever screen setup you'll need to use.
    EDIT: 1(b) - COPY the presentation to its own notebook - you're about to make some cosmetic changes you might want to role back! 
  2. Adjust the text size so it shows up legibly from the furthest distance away that your customers are likely to be.
  3. Now split the (probably much enlarged) notes into single screenfuls - single points or even parts of points of maybe 15 lines max.
  4. Make sure you have any video or audio files linked or attached in the right places.
  5. Run through it again and adjust the length or timing or content if necessary.
  6. Now do a 'proper' full run through while using a screen capture utility to make a video.  Loom is good - https://www.loom.com/
  7. Charge everything up,  check that you can get to the notes through Evernote.com as well as on your laptop.
  8. Get to the venue (or link into it) as early as you can and get set up.
  9. Have a beverage of your choice.
  10. Go!  If things go well, offer the video as revision or catchup for others.  

The main thing is - to get a best practice for your particular situation,  you need practical experience;  so do presentations and get your own list together.  You might have many more (or many fewer) points than me!

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Edit: Missed an important point
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