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Android v 8.x converted 1 of my Notes to double spacing.  I can't get it back to single space either on the Android or on my Mac.

I dropped back to v7.5.  N/C.

Is that a feature.?

High Sierra.  Evernote 7.14

"In the top Evernote menu bar go to Format - Simplify Formatting or Make Plain Text. Both work."  neither work

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ah. discovered a way to fix that issue.

highlight all of the Note on the desktop version.

right click to bring up Services menu at bottom.
Choose Services/WordService/ReFormat.

Now to try to figure how correct font.
Surely wish I didn't need to hit the edit button for the Android version, which use to be the case.
Every update breaks something else.  Like Goog, Apple.  Hard to believe how poor development is.

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