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"Typewriter Scrolling" option for Notes?



Am I the only one who desperately wants a Typewriter Scrolling preference option in Evernote?

Whenever I'm typing a note it's not long before my cursor and typing area are at the bottom of the screen. I would rather have a toggle option for the page to automatically scroll with my typing, like a typewriter, so that the cursor line is kept in the middle of the page. This feature is a godsend with other writing apps (eg. Scrivener), and not having it in Evernote annoys me to no end: I will often add a bunch of line breaks in front of my cursor from time to time just so I can temporarily enjoy having my writing area be someplace other than continually at the very bottom of the window. Obviously this is just a feature for composing, and it's not a feature to keep constant — you want and need to deactivate this feature so you can scroll around through your notes. But when focusing on composing it's a very valuable feature to have.  

Does anyone else wish for a "typewriter scrolling" feature like this? 

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I agree, this would be a big help. I'd honestly never thought of the idea until today, when it just dawned on me that I'm destroying my neck staring at the bottom edge of the screen all the time. Evernote is incredibly useful, but so is my neck. I'm going to be experimenting with alternative editors to see if it's worthwhile prioritizing this feature. Right now, I accomplish it in Evernote by inserting a long block of spaces beneath my current line, then manually scrolling down periodically as I add more lines. This is a hassle.

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